Why wash your beard?

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Your beard is a glorious aspect of your face – for many it may be your only glorious aspect ­čśë But I think cleaning it may be last on your mind! Have you ever considered how much your beard picks up in a day, aside from the noticeable chunks of food?? 

Some reports claim that your beard picks up stuff as disgusting as fecal matter… POOP… IN YOUR GLORIOUS MAN BEARD!! So yea, clean your beard! At least every other day. 

And I recommend you check out my beard wash line on my Etsy site! The wash consists of an oat shampoo combined with some coconut, sweet almond, emu, and avocado oils PLUS some amazing essential oils! 

These washes will keep your beard clean by nourishing the skin below, and safely cleansing the hair follicles, and leaving you feeling “so fresh and so clean (clean)”. Ain’t nobody  gonna be dope as you after trying The Blessed Beard beard washes! 


What is the Trial Pack? And why the French word??

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Who shops at SAMs or Costco? I’d say a lot of people do! And when shopping, who doesn’t like a sample?! Samples are great, they let us taste something before buying into it. It lets you try the product before buying – I know… I just blew your mind!!

But why sample beard oils? Well, scents can be a picky thing! What sounds good on paper may be flat TERRIBLE. And no one wants to rub something terrible in their facial hair?! 

Why three sizes?? Well, the French word – enchantillon – means sample in French. The French perfume shops will spray a sample into something to take home and try for some time. So, that smallest/cheapest option gives you three different scents in a small bottle that should last you about 3-5 days each. The trial size purchase gives you about 2 weeks worth of oils (with three scents!), and the sample size (with five scents!) should last you almost 3-4 months?! 

I want you to love my brand, and that may just mean trying it out! I recommend it for sure! 

Be sure to keep an eye out for new products coming too!!

Thank you, and blessings!!

Evening: a beard blend that calms the body 

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I think we bearded brotherhood need to think of beard care as actually hairy skin care – with a pinch of holistic health thrown in. Your beard is literally an extension of your face: growing from skin that is more sensitive than most other areas. 

Your face needs nourishment, and that nourishment shouldn’t end when you go to sleep. I developed Evening to prepare the wearer for a calming sleep. It is blended with lavender and a few proprietary blends from d┼Źterra that boost immunity to seasonal allergies, while opening the air passageways to allow better breathing during your night. 

I personally like to use it every night right before going to bed. It’s soothing aroma, with a gentle undertone of clove and cinnamon ease the mind while nourishing the skin. 

Be keeping an eye out for a special gift set on my Etsy site that includes a bottle of evening in an order of any normal beard oil! 

And as always, let me know how I can better serve you – my clients! 


Soothing Lemon: a blend for dandruff

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I don’t know about y’all, but dandruff is super annoying. The little snow like flakes falling from your head makes you look like some kind of weird human snow cloud! It itches. It can hurt… And if you are lucky like me, you get that dandruff on your face, and eyebrows! Huzzah… 

But worry less now! The Blessed Beard has found a formula of essential oils that help slow down, if not stop, that irritation. The Soothing Lemon blend has helped me for the past year pretty much stop the irritation of dandruff. 

Now! That’s not to say it will work every time. Every one’s body is different. How you respond to the oils may be different to how I did. But with 100% natural oil blends on your side, and a $5 price tag – that’s just too good a deal to pass up!

Check it out at The Blessed Beard’s Etsy store. Take advantage of the 25% off coupon code SALE25 until May 1st! Bring that $5 down to a mere $3.75!


Cedars Tattoo Aftercare Blend´╗┐

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Have you ever thought about keeping your tattoo fresh and crisp? Or more importantly have you ever thought about it NOT staying fresh and crisp? 

Tattoos bleed and fade over time. Your skin needs nourishment and Cedars gives you just that! 

This blend is made through a hand mixed combination of fractionated coconut oil, cedarwood, patchouli, & melaleuca. The cedarwood brings a high woody scent that is grounded by the rustic aroma of patchouli. The melaleuca, or tea tree, rounds it all out for a pleasant scent that nourishes and irons out skin imperfections!

When mixed with Virgin Organic Avocado oil Cedars becomes a great beard care product! Check them both out on my Etsy store for these, AND my other products! 

News from The Blessed Beard´╗┐

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Hey! I apologize to everyone for being negligent to this side of my business, and now I’m bringing it back up to speed. 
Been tweaking the recipes to make them more of a symphony of scents. An aria of aromas! And now have what I consider the Five Fan Favorites! This consists of:

  1. Bearded Gentleman 
  2. Fruit Cocktail
  3. Floral Musk
  4. Barber Shop
  5. Evening

Down the road, a glorious sandalwood blend will be added to the mix! So be looking out for that! My Etsy shop now focuses on these five, plus my beard wash options. I have kept, though, my previous options on the site for those who like blends that are more simple – more straight forward. Blends like Citrus Mint, or Herbal Tea, are just old familiar ones. 
Be sure to check out my Etsy store to get ahold of my deal that will last through the end of April. Click on “add coupon code” right before payment and use SALE25 for 25% off all product! 
Keep watching out for more indepth posts on oil blends and their beneficial qualities, as well as breakdowns for each individual essential oil used in my blends – and how they benefit you! 
Thanks again for reading, and please help me in my desire to start a small business!!

Blessed Beard across the web!

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I have now set up three different shopping experiences for you who are interested! 

Etsy has become a great e-commerce site for the handmade and eclectic! Searching for Blessed Beard on Etsy will bring you to my personal page with every blend I currently can make, or will be able to make in the future. Even my beard wash is on there, though it had a pushed back delivery time. 
Patreon is a Kickstarter, of sorts, for more artistic things. I am using it as a way for y’all to subscribe to different products I sell, getting them monthly for your inventory! Check out my Patreon site for more info, and subscribe to a piece of this business!
And of course my SquareUp site is still up and running. For those who know me personally, Square may be the best way to purchase, and I can bring the product to you in some fashion. 
Then finally my Facebook page ties it all together, and gives you who are interested in this venture an opportunity to help me without spending money! Just like and share my page with as many friends as possible! I want this little business to spread across the Upstate of SC like a beautifully smelling wild fire – without the burning sensations!


Everyday Essential Oil Blends, Oil blends


  1. Breathe blend
  2. lavender
  3. fractionated coconut oil



This blend includes the essential oils that have been known to calm users, and prepare the mind and body for sleeping. Breathe is used to open the airways, soothe seasonal allergies, and has been found to soothe a sore throat. Lavender is good for calming and relaxing, as well as soothing some skin irritations. The coconut oil is a nourishing carrier oil. This blend can also be mixed into a lotion to be applied even more affectively topically.



Fresh and woody, with a crisp cool undertone.



Beard Oil Blends, Everyday Essential Oil Blends, Oil blends


  1. peppermint
  2. lavender
  3. melaleuca (tea tree)
  4. fractionated coconut oil
  5. virgin organic avocado oil



Beard Care & Topical Use

This blend promotes general health and well-being. It helps to calm and soothe the wearer. The lavender and peppermint mix together to create an invigorating and yet calming experience. The melaleuca that blends in brings in an extra health boost.



The familiar tea tree scent is complemented by a fresh bite, and soothing undertone.

Abraham’s Beard!

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  1. melaleuca (tea tree)
  2. peppermint
  3. Breathe blend
  4. fractionated coconut oil
  5. virgin organic avocado oil



Beard & Topical use

Abraham’s Beard! is one of the first oil blends I ever created, sparking my interest in the whole concept of creating oil blends! The blend nourishes the skin while clearing the passageways and invigorating the user. This blend, when applied around the noise or throat, when sick with sore throat or sinus issues can help alleviate pain or discomfort. If using this blend topically, it is beneficial to apply at least twice daily for maximum affect.

Scent Description

Invigorating peppermint paired with a tea tree undertone, with the Breathe mixed in, creates a clear scent that uplifts the mood and leaves the user refreshed.